How to make Use of GTA 5 Money Hack

GTA 5 is an immensely popular game. It has been released on 2013. Getting money while playing the game is one of the biggest concerns of the gamers. With a lot of money, you can buy new cars, weapons, etc. In addition, you can lead a luxurious life in Los Santos. As there is no direct money cheats in GTA 5, getting money can be difficult. But, you can use some tricks. I will discuss about those GTA 5 money hack here.

Making use of GTA 5 Money Hack

Here are some of the common GTA 5 money hack.

Robbing Shops

There are plenty of convenience stores on the map. Robbing them is an easy way to get money. Take out your weapon, and point it at the clerk. Wait for them to empty the registers. Escape as soon as you grab the money. The cops might find you.


Your main source of cash during the story missions are the heists you execute. The outcome of the heists will depend on the crew you pick up. If you select a competent crew with highest abilities,they will take away a bigger cut. But, they will rob high amounts of money. On the other hand, an incompetent crew will charge you less. But, you will lose more money in the long run. For this reason, you need to choose your crew wisely.

Invest in Property

You can have weekly income by investing in properties. Spend your stolen money through investments in small businesses. You cannot buy the expensive ones during the early stage. But, the cheaper ones will be available.

Try not to Die

Dying in GTA 5 will cost you money. Every time you die, hospital will produce a new body. This will require some amount of money. Therefore, you can save money by not dying.


You can get a huge amount of money by trafficking illegal goods. You will need some capital to establish the illegal business. You just need to stay focused.

Legal Problem

You will complete a mission named ‘Reuniting the Family.’ Hit the LCN and get everyone to invest in AirEmu (EMU), before you start the next mission with Michael, called ‘Legal Trouble.’ After finishing that mission, dump all that stock and reinvest your profit in FlyUS (FUS). You should hold it until you complete ‘Meltdown’ a couple of missions later. By that time FlyUS shares should have roughly doubled in prices. Then, you can cash in.


It should be number one in your list. Prevent yourself from spending your money needlessly, if you want to make money. You will surely need weapons. But, do not be extravagant. One from each type should be enough. Follow the same thing with clothing and hair style.

These GTA 5 money hack will make the game more fun for you.

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